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46 St. Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells


As a family, we have been associated with the practise for several years. We have always found ALL staff to be very friendly and accommodating. Receptionists, hygienists, dental nurses and dentists are, without exception in my experience very welcoming and helpful.

Dr Nejadnik, (known in our family as Chloe) has such a caring and fun-loving way with the children. They look forward to their visits and their rides on the "magic chair". To know that your children are always going to have a positive experience when visiting the dentist is so reassuring.

The practise has a very good reputation locally and we also know of people who travel for more than half an hour to visit the Tunbridge Wells Dental Practise.

We would have no hesitation in recommending this practise to anyone.

C.P - Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells Dental centre have restored my faith in the modern dentistry! Every member of staff are not only professional and friendly they are also passionate about what they do. the explain everything they do and why and take the time ti make you feel important and at ease. I could not recommend them higher.

N.W - Tunbridge wells

I have never felt so relaxed in a dentist's chair!

The warm and friendly atmosphere, pain-free treatment using the latest materials and sound, honest advice, means that i do not worry about seeing my dentist any more.

SB - Tunbridge wells

I am a nervous patient and since coming to your surgery, their professionalism, care and consideration have put my mind at rest and allowed me to not worry about coming to the dentist.

I Consider their care to be second to none and would not consider going anywhere else for my dental care.

I.S - Tunbridge wells

How many people can say they actually look forward to a visit to the dentist? If you choose the Tunbridge Wells Dental Centre for your dental health needs you will never ever want to go anywhere else ever again. One is treated by the dental surgeons with skill, patience and understanding. All the staff at the practice are welcoming and friendly. it is indeed, always a positive and reassuring experience and one for which my partner and myself travel 40 miles. I would recommend it to all, children and adults alike.

F. and G. C - Lydd

Dear Dr. Afzal, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my cosmetic restorations, veneers and crowns.I felt really special on my wedding day and everyone said how lovely my smile was. I also want to add you are the first dentist to inject me with virtually no discomfort whatsoever. Like everything in life you get what you pay for and at your practice it is excellent service from you and all your staff. Many thanks.

P. B - Paddock wood

Previously I have been petrified of the dentist!!! Dr Afzal and his fantastic team have quashed all of my fears and I now attend my check ups and hygienist appointments without fear.Thank you to all of you!

E.L. H - Tunbridge Wells

At 75 years of age, and with teeth rapidly wearing away, Farzad suggested that I really needed to have something 'done about them' if I had any hopes of living to a right old age and still being able to eat!

Oh why oh why had I waited so long - I may have secretly thought that there really wasn't that much that could be done about them (at my age at least!) and even if there was, would it really be worth all the hassle!

Well thankfully I finally decided to take the plunge - and what a result I've had! The man has got to be a dentistry genius after what he did for me - no more worn down uneven teeth, no more gaps and a set of gnashers that not only look wonderful but can also eat their way through even the toughest steak!

Simple, quick, and pain free - and done by a truely caring professional - not to say, a miracle worker!

However long I still have on this mortal coil, I will at least go to my Maker with a perfect set of 'pearly whites'.

What a pity I didn't get them done fifteen years ago!

Many thanks Farzad, you've given me a new lease of life!

M.West Sittingbourne